I was introduced to the world of cakes by chance. I was visiting my brother and sister in the US and I took a Wilton Class just for fun. Curiosity and fascination took over to understand the how and why this work was so interesting and I decided to make a big change in my life and become a Pastry Chef.
My professional studies began in “Escuela Altaviana” in Valencia-Spain, and I developed my skills on “American Style” in the Institute if Culinary Arts of New York. There went into the world of handmade cookies with the guidance of Tobba Garret and I further my studies with Nick Malgieri and Elisa Strauss among others.
While in NYC y discovered that where so many alternatives to broaden my knowledge and I learned Vegan Pastries and Gluten Free Baking by the hand of the great Fran Costigan.
Sugar flowers where next and I perfected my techniques with Ron Ben Israel, one of the most iconic American Chefs.
Back in Spain, I decided to acquire more experience and started working in “El Parisen”. The best and most prestigious Pastry and Baking shop in Valencia. At the time it was managed by Yann Bonneu, “Sugar Arts” 2015 World championship runner up. With him I mastered the secrets for the perfect croissant, “pains au chocolat” and of course “macaroons”.
The next step was to start my own business so I can unleash my creativity and knowledge gained throughout the years and that was te beginning of “Sweetie Cakes”.
I specialized in wedding cakes and events, working with high quality catering services and the most prestigious institutions like “La ciudad de las Ciencias y Las Artes de Valencia”. (The city of arts and Sciences)
Over the years I noticed the lack of qualified personnel in this area, so I decide to share my knowledge and started my won school, so “Pastry School Sweetie Cakes” was created. I developed all the classes based on the needs of my own business and my years of experience always considering the fast pace of the cake universe, so I kept traveling to NY, London, and France to update my techniques constantly so me and my students will never stop learning.
Now my focus  is in “Gum Paste” and the “No cutter” flower designs and delivering private classes all over the world  and I’m looking forward to share all of it with you.

Wedding Cake made for Westin Hotel in Valencia- Spain 2016

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